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Blossom is the Dun born March 2006 and Ruby the Red March 2007, and with the Highland Cattle Society advising not to calve down until they are four years old it gives us time to learn about the breed before we decide to expand.
One thing I've learnt is that they put on weight even easier than I do, and on not a lot seeing as they've only been on grass and now hay with a little concentrate in the morning. Very docile, low maintenance with only the odd grooming to do and with Ruby certainly, cutting of her fringe so she can see where she's going!
Horns were always something that I didn't like and I surprised myself when I chose the breed but they don't use them towards us, occasionally each other when feeding and as along you remember they're there it's not a problem. Proud to say I only have one bruise and that was early on!
I have been asked if I'm going to show Ruby as she is a stunner, we'll see, she's a little shy.