Hedgebottom Home

Hedgebottom Home came about in 1984, when Katie was studying for her National Certificate in Agriculture at Bishop Burton Agricultural College near Beverley in East Yorkshire.
On the course 4 girls and 48 boys! As part of their studies they had to undergo Estate Skills which included woodwork and the making a name plaque.

Picture the scene, a big pile of wood cut into oval shapes of different sizes, the girls were at the back of the queue, coming away with a template that was at least twice the size of the fellas, this must be true because the boys made signs consisting of names like - The Barn, The Hut, or just having enough room to carve a number!
Woodwork , not being Katies' strong point, decided against cutting the timber or reshaping it, so opted for the longest word she could think of to fill the sign.....Hedgebottom Home was born!!!

Katie kept the sign and in October 1996 moved into a cottage which became Hedgebottom Home. Due to work commitments, with the BBC, in July 2002 Katie moved into the new Hedgebottom Home, affectionately known as Hedgebum Two!